March 29, 2011

38 Weeks

There are only two weeks until my due date, and this means that our little man will make his appearance sometime within the next four weeks (although selfishly I'm ready to meet him now; he can continue to put on extra body fat within me for the time being).

I wonder if I'll be writing a 39 week entry next, or whether it'll be an 'arrival' post... hmmm??

All is doing well over here, baby is continuing to become engaged, and our doctor is no longer concerned about his growth - he hasn't mentioned any additional scans at this point *thumbs up*. I did, however, test positive for Group B Strep, which means I'll be on an antibiotic during labour. Not really what I wanted, but if it keeps us both safe then that's all that matters. I hover between being excited about birth and terrified about labour. It's like getting your period when you're not on the contraceptive Pill - you kind of know when it's going to happen but you don't have the ability to control when it will be here... the same goes for birth. Will it be fast? Slow? Drawn-out over 24 hours? Involve a will-we-make-it-to-the-hospital-in-time dash in the middle of the night?

I've been nesting a little bit more lately, in the form of cleaning and cooking. Nothing crazily out-of-control, but I get random bursts of frantic energy (and then usually I'm tired by the next day). Scrapbooking in the evenings has become the norm for me, and during the day I'm spending a little more time at home than I've been in previous weeks. While a quick trip to the local shops isn't as much of an ordeal as it was when my back was incredibly sore around the 28-34 week mark, it still takes it out of me (not to mention the apartment stairs!), and I have to plan accordingly for when I'm feeling energetic.

We had a little scare the other day involving the baby not moving as much as normal, and I did all sorts of things to try and encourage him to move. As it turns out, he was either running out of space or having a longer sleeping period (I didn't feel him for 5-6 hours), and was back to his normal wriggling by last night - even keeping me up during the night with lots of active movement! This little one is definitely going to keep us on our toes once he's in the big, wide world. ;)

37 weeks & 5 days


  1. you look great!! beautiful picture of the two of you. I have a feeling you will be making an arrival post before you hit 39 weeks! ;)

  2. Haha, we'll have to see! Besides mild menstrual-type cramps, no real sign of anything starting much yet. Will hold you to that though. ;)

  3. what a beautiful photo of you two! I'm very anxious to see what next week's post will be!

    I'm starting to have those fluctuating thoughts of excitement and fear too...Our hospital is a 30 minute drive away and that worries me sometimes...especially since my hubby's new job involves driving all over the place and I won't know how far away he'll be from home or the hospital.

  4. Do you have any other family (or close friends) who might be able to drive you to the hospital when the time comes, in case your hubby isn't too close? But having said that, if you're able to laboru at home for a bit it might buy you both some time. :)

  5. Most of our friends live out near the city the hospital is in (we moved away from the city so almost everyone is about 30 mins away). We do have one couple who followed us out here though (they live basically right behind us) and the husband doesn't work on Mondays in case that's the day!.
    More than likely as we get closer to due date my mum will come stay with me every day just in case lol