March 19, 2011

Great Expectations

I've been working on my pregnancy scrapbook (digitally) since Christmas, on and off with a few other projects - namely Project 365 and various pages related to challenges on a website. Last night I scrapped on my my favourite pages to date, which documented a struggle to have a child.

I wanted to share it with you because not only am I proud of how it turned out, but it also shows our ultrasounds and a recent tummy picture (taken on March 8th, at 34 weeks). Thinking that with some modifications - mainly removing the text - it'll be the front of the scrapbook once it's ready to be printed. :)

Click image to see it bigger.


  1. *tears* it's beautiful, Rebecca! Can't believe you could be kissing your little man any day now!!!!

  2. It's a bit surreal that it could really happen any time from now (although given how squirmy the little man is in there, I doubt he's fully engaged just yet :P).

    I'll be getting my first internal check on Wednesday with my doctor, so that may shed some light on the situation. :)

  3. I look forward to coming back to your blog in a few weeks to see pictures of ecstatic parents and a healthy manatee!
    Tracey Monette - Clever Monkey Graphics

  4. Oprah was showing reruns of her trip to Australia last week and I was thinking of you lots! I've always wanted to travel there and the show didn't help haha!

    But more importantly it made me think of you and your LO...hope you're both well!

  5. There were some great scenes of our country in Oprah's show. Although they didn't air it on the TV, Gail took her group (in Tasmania) to the vineyard where hubby and I married in 2008! I found that pretty cool. :)

    All is well over here, I've been a bit sloppy on updating as of late - will do my update and see what you and your little one have been up to. ;)

  6. Wow that is really cool! Too bad they didn't air it!

  7. It's fantastic to see your scan pictures lined up next to each other like that.

    I remember when you'd just found out you were pregnant... seems like yesterday. Yet here you are only weeks from giving birth, and my little girl who wasn't even 5 months old then, is now 1!